Composer/Anders Lind

VoU Everybody Scream!!!  
Voice Harvester

Lind is a Swedish composer, situated as a creative director at the DEPARTMENT OF CREATIVE STUDIES/ UMEÅ UNIVERSITY. He composes music mainly for orchestras, choirs, various ensembles and solo performers, often in combination with the use of electronics or interactive technology. His compositions is characterized by an experimental but straight forward roughness that invites the listeners into a musical journey beyond the expected.


Fire alarms and orchestra

VCE The Drawer Septet


Lind is known for experimenting with his electronic innovations, such as ANIMATED NOTATIONS and INTERACTIVE INSTRUMENTS in traditional orchestra/ ensemble settings as a way of developing new artistic possibillities and inviting common people inte the wonderful world of contemporary music.

The musical swing and Linds intensed rocking, shows us that contemporary music don´t need to be stiff, tangled or strained ...

Pierre Martin, Västerbotten Kuriren 21/5-2012

  Voices of Umeå

Far from gimmicky, Lind’s wheels proved to be an imaginative and inventive
take on the physical controller paradigm.

Giacomo Fiore, San Francisco Classical Voice 21/5-2015



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